Cycle Safety Training

ros(2)Roscommon Sports Partnership in conjunction with have provided the benchmark in Primary School Cycle Safety Training  since its introduction.

This course is designed to provide primary school children with the skills and knowledge required to be safer cyclists. Non Primary School groups such as scouts, girl guides, clubs etc can also avail of this programme. The course is continuous assessment based and students can only progress to levels 3 & 4 when they achieve the required level of competency.

For information on funding for Primary School Cycle Safety Training,  please contact:-   Phone: 090 6630853   Phone: 086 8586225


Level 1

(All classes can attend)

This first module is class room based and covers rider preparation/safe cycling theory.

  • M-check or bike check, (a systematic method of checking the bike for damage/wear to its frame and components)
  • Helmet check and cycle friendly clothing (be safe, be seen)
  • Rules of the road and position on the road
  • Road signs and hand signals
  • Road and environmental hazards

Level 2   (3rd Class upwards)


The second module is school yard/enclosed out door area based.

Topics covered:-

  • Skills exercises around the four basics of cycling – (pedalling, balance, cornering, braking)
  • Awareness and scanning for potential hazards
  • Setting off
  • Stopping
  • Emergency stop
  • Road positions
  • Turning left
  • Turning right


Level 3   (6th Class)


This level may also be applicable to 5th class students if competent in previous levels.

This module takes cyclists out on the road in a group format.

Topics covered:-

  • Recap of level 1 & 2.
  • Instructors will identify suitable junctions etc close to the school which can be controlled to allow students to practice safe cycling techniques.
  • Each student will get a chance to lead their group.
  • Instructors will identify specific hazards in the locality or on the student’s route to/from school and incorporate into the session.


Level 4


This module takes students cycling on busy roads, negotiating roundabouts and urban cycling where appropriate.

Students must have a very good understanding of previously levels to undertake.


  • Students are encouraged to use their own bike and helmet.
  • If a student does not have a bike or helmet, we can supply.
  • Hi viz jackets will be supplied for on the road training modules.